Day one, Houston arrival.

In front of me sits a huge cookie and a coffee in a paper cup.


darn big cookies

First of all I don't normally eat those flying saucer cookies, or even drink out of paper cups, but right now its 11.02 am at home and I left at 6.30 am the previous day. My body clock is preparing for lunch and I need food in my room for a food flight in the middle of the night. 

I even keep the coffee by the bed and drink it cold. 

Experience tells me 'You will be searching for something to eat at 2 am"

It always happens and it  takes 3 days until the body clock is working correctly. 

This trip I have more than 3 days before I spend time with students.

OK, so I will fess up. I did have a small drama, after security I went   to the airline lounge, dropped my bags at a table and then went to the loo. On my return I found my bright orange camera bag was missing.

The folks around me shared my concern as did security.

I thought maybe I left it in security… for Petes sake it weight 10 lb., how could I forget it.…

I went down to security and there it was…… Oh, sigh, I carry around $10,000 worth of camera equipment. I'm paranoid about it and check it constantly…… Gees, how could I be so silly.

Overall, the trip was just great and I'm so pleased to be here, now I can go to bed in my qantas Jamas.


Each time I travel I have the idea of taking a group photo of all the people wearing their Jamas…. I would love to…. It's so funny, there we are all decked out in our grey with our little slippers and black sox.

Ahhhh, the bed is inviting it 8.33 and I can go to bed.


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