Plant creative seeds today to harvest later.

I should be working on my presentation.

Well, I am in an indirect way, I'm preparing some of the illustrations for inspiration.

I draw a lot as I travel. Sometimes I share the drawings with students other times they are just for me.



The little sketch book stays in my bag and accompanies me to breakfast, dinner, waiting in line etc, etc.



This little sketch is France. The mountains, the Villages and the fields. Don't recognize some of the images in the fields… well neither do I… they are Pam vegetation.


The Caribbean, can't wait for those blue green waters.


Medieval villages in Italy. Every house had a bright red sate-light dish… it looked like 100s of balloons scooping the village up.


Just houses… I'm sort of on a house investigation theme right now.


 So the drawings flow ready for future quilts and ideas.

These images will be used in my presentation at Houston.

Plant creative seeds today to harvest later.

You've worked for years on your quilting mojo. You've mastered your technique.. but there is something missing. So what do you do now, how do you increase the output. How do you change direction…

Come join me and I will share beautiful images, music and a method of making it move.




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