Quilt Market  – Houston, Day 1.

I have so many images to share with you I almost don’t know where to begin.
You sent me a number or request on FB and I will endeavor to answer them all over the next week.
Walking into the event today is just wonderful, never lost for words I still find it hard to express the feeling.
I’m doing some daily videos for the Quilt Show and I will tell you all when they are up there and you can walk amongst the quilts with me.
When you walk into the stadium…. this is the sight that greets you, four stories of quilts or so it seems just breathtaking People were just standing under them and looking up in awe.
Red and white provokes such emotion in a quilt and it’s fitting that it features as the Ruby Jubilee celebrating 40 years.
Miss Rose, Sister Violet,  a booth from my home town always captures the romantic spirit. Tilly loves this booth and I have bought her clothes from here previously.
Romantic, wistful and just a sheer suitcase of gloriousness.
Cotton and Steel, young edgy and innovative. These are a  young brigade of designers serving the Modern Quilting Genre under the RJR banner. I really like some of their ideas and inevitably it works well for the garment and home decoration industry as well as quilting.
Maybe its because I was bought up in the 50’s and 60’s that I like the simplicity of the designs in the Modern Quilting Genre. There are so many young designers, I’m wondering how the industry will pan out for them.
Will they still be around in five years, what does the future bring. However, in the mean time I love their work.
Michael Miller always captures my imagination and this year they are featuring a strong Mexican theme. In fact, there are quite a few ‘Ethnic’ based themes in the fabrics on offer from top designers and distributors.

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  1. nancy k says:

    Thanks Pam for taking us to Festival. I love the red and white quilts!

  2. Yvonne Brennan says:

    Thank you Pam for shots of red and white quilts at Houston. You always have fabulous music as a backing to your videos. Can you please share with me what this one is …I love it Thank you Yvonne

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