This is why you should treat yourself to a quilting cruise.

Light has hit the window and its luxury to lay in bed and watch the ocean.  The clouds are a soft early morning grey and the ocean reflects the rising sun.


 But if it’s light,  its compulsory that I get up and I have work to complete.

 It's our last day here on the ocean and a full day at sea as we sail towards the port  of Galveston.

 It’s been a wonderful tour. The students have made six totally different projects from six “teachniques” We have free sewing every evening and the teachers are on hand to help students work through the process.

 There is a wonderful environment contained in the conference centre with around 90 ladies chatting sewing and sharing ideas.The laughter and conversation flow over the hum of the sewing machines.

But it's not just quilting we do…… We’ve had a number of get togethers that continue the fun. Yesterday, led by Jim West  we discussed the  such topic of “How to create a quilt business from your passion” 

Then there was the competitive game of Quilt Bingo… and one lucky lady won another cruise!!! Some prize me thinks and the Quilters Team Trivia game was a fun event too.


This morning  is a day of finishing projects and this afternoon Carol Moeller and Dana Lynch will share the story of their prize winning quilt which won a first in the group category in Houston

I'm giving a presentation on the ‘Soul of the Quilter’ a little presumptuous I know but I will share ideas on  how to create a project from images and experiences and just where the soul of our creations come from.

We end with dinner and a farewell cocktail party…. and tomorrow, Keith and I continue on to other adventures in La Grange Texas, New York and Kenya then home, James home

Oh, by the way, there is no Ebola in Kenya. In fact, geographically, Kenya is further away from the Ebola infected areas of West Africa than London is. In fact, there are no planes flying from Kenya to the West… and travel is limited to prevent infection.




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