On to New York.

 The morning dawned grey and misty and in a short space of time the wind began to rise.

The trees waved their branches in freedom and the grasses bent low following the wind stream.


purple grasses


Our anticipated visit to Round top was cancelled and we relaxed a little with no urgent deadlines.

I wondered what the temperature was going to be, the computer said 75 so I put on shorts and sandals in anticipation of a warm afternoon in Houston,      

As I write this we are driving to Houston on highway  290 and I'm wishing that I had dressed a little warmer.


We did visit round top, but everything is closed for the memorial day holiday and this gal was in shorts as the outside temperature has  dropped to 49 degrees. a long way from 75….So we had to crank up the  heater to keep warm.

We've passed the most interesting scenery. small wooden houses that belonged to another age clustered in villages.

Huge pavillions that host the twice yearly antique fairs and I found this wonderful pavillion.



These are older barn vents. I loved them.




even bullet holes.

There was so much to see. We took our time driving and enjoyed the speciality of the area.

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  1. Karen Fitzpatrick says:

    That row of barn vents looks like something you might have photographed in Thailand or somewhere else. Thanks for all the great pictures always and keep warm. Winter is here!

  2. Pam says:

    Karen, You’re welcome… yep, I thought they were interesting.
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