Fabric and Animals.

I have little time to add more right now, but hopefully we have internet on safari.

Of course fabric is our passion, and we had a chance today to buy a variety of different types of African textiles.
The first photo shown here is of the woven ‘Shukas’ worn by the Maasai here in Kenya.
Shúkà is the Maa word for sheets traditionally worn wrapped around the body, one over each shoulder, then a third over the top of them. These are typically red, though with some other colors (e.g.blue) and patterns (e.g. plaid). 

The other fabrics I bought were very heavily waxed printed fabrics with bold heavy patterns.
The fabric is really heavy and has its origins in Indonesia when settled by the Dutch, I have several pieces of this fabric at home, but I wanted to add to my collection.
5 very heavy pieces have found their way into my case.
I’m still researching on how its made.

These are some of the faces I captured during my shopping visit and beyond. Can you tell there is a foundation for creating an African Quilt?

We could hear them in the distance, there was an occasional trumpet from a very small trunk.

We couldn’t see them, they were behind the trees.  The  enclosure we stood around had lots of huge baby bottles full of milk unceremoniously piled in an old wheel barrow.

Suddenly from out of the bushes a  line of 14 small elephants appeared gaining pace as they grew closer. There was an urgency in their step, their ears folded back and the feet flew and trunks swung to the rhythm of their gait. 
was a wonderful experience watching the antics of 28 baby elephants.

They rolled in the dirt, the hugged each other and showed feelings for their handlers and their elephant friends. It was a fabulous event.

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  1. Lynne Casson says:

    Wonderful fabric, and of course every quilter has to add to their collection :).
    Amazingly cute elephants calfs, and inspiration from people’s faces. Hope you have a brilliant time in Africa. Stay safe.

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    Although this chat is relatively old, it was interesting to read …

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