Our Kenya Experience

We could hear them in the distance, there was an occasional trumpet from a very small trunk.

We couldn’t see them, they were behind the trees.  The  enclosure we stood around had lots of huge baby bottles full of milk unceremoniously piled in an old wheel barrow.

Suddenly from out of the bushes a  line of 14 small elephants appeared gaining pace as they grew closer. There was an urgency in their step, their ears folded back and the feet flew and trunks swung to the rhythm of their gate.



Cameras clicked and we were asked to keep silent and limit conversation.


It was a wonderful experience watching the antics of 28 baby elephants.

They rolled in the dirt, the hugged each other and showed feelings for their handlers and their elephant friends. It was a fabulous event.

We stopped at a few stores and bought fabric, I’ve not photographed it yet because we got back to the hotel late  but I’m thrilled with my purchases and I as you might imagine, its rather bright.

Giraffes, elephants, fabrics, beads and historic houses… all in one day… but right now its just too late to write..



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  1. Janice Babin says:

    How awesome …….my 18 year old daughter wants to be a vet. She would have loved this trip!
    Janice Babin

  2. Tine Vognsen says:

    Wauw, how wonderfull photos, I wish I was there and see these beautiful elephants! Looking forward to read more about your trip in Kenya and see even more pictures of animals and your purchases.
    Take care every where…

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    PS: Estou a procura de uma madrinha para o meu blog. ^^
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