A new blog

the shoes.
This is my next project, probably tomorrow. It will be a sample for a thread painting workshop and demonstration later in 2015

This is my first blog in this format.

I’ve decided on a more formal web page and blog page which will include a special bi-monthly newsletter called ‘Capture and Create’ It will be a forum to share ideas and classes with like minded friends and students.

I’ve been home a week and a half. 10 months on the road is a record for me and probably won’t happen for a few more years.

There is such a warm feeling about being in ones own space. Despite being in the public eye a lot, I like solitude and a place where I can just be. I have methods of being able to do that when I travel.

Now in saying that, I do love meeting folks, I love being up front and I love sharing what I do..
I just have to balance it all. I ’m aware that I’m lucky to have the opportunity to live that sort of life style.

I guess I don’t have to tell you its really hard work. My brain goes faster than my hands and at times I get frustrated at my limitations.

Being at home is a joy. Everything is here……fabric, machines, computers etc and I’ve designed and made several quilts, caught up on most of my paperwork and I’m ready to get back to the Bayeux on December the 26th of December.


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