286 days on the road, all in the name of Quilting.

I sat down today to create a visual image of the past year and I’ve come to a halt. It’s quite difficult.

My Stats say that I was away on 4 trips, and I spent 286 days away from home. I traveled 162.832 kilometers on planes and landed in 28 cities in 10 Countries. Of course that’s just plane ticket talk, if I add in all the other travel I did on the Ocean, in cars and buses, I think I was a bit busy. I flew on 123 flights in all.

In light of those statistics I became a little daunted and decided to put the video aside for another day and concentrate on Christmas.

mapIt’s silent in the studio.

It’s silent outside as well, the sun’s gone down and the  night air is crisp. My body is telling me that I’ve worked physically hard today, but it’s Christmas Eve and the expectation for a perfect day tomorrow is the reason. This is my 68th Christmas. How lucky am I.

It struck me today that  I can’t remember  one Christmas of my childhood. We were not  well off. Life was hard at times but to be honest we didn’t know any other way. We couldn’t compare our lives to others because we didn’t have TV and everything was just plain simple. I don’t ever remember Christmas as being special. There were no expectations.

With that in mind, I look forward to a special day with the family tomorrow. The thought of purchasing the next plane ticket is tucked under my arm for the next week so I can allow myself  a little space and I delight in the fact that on the 26th, I begin work on the Bayeux Quilt once again.


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  1. Mary Kay Madsen says:

    As one of those people whose life you touched in your travels, Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. carorose1 says:

    It may be your 68th year but you are not getting any older than 65. Neither am I!!!
    Have a wonderful Xmas. Lots of Love.

  3. Rhonda says:

    Wow! I cannot imagine 123 flights in that time frame… No wonder you have the status you do 😉 Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world, Pam.

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