Re-purposing and creating your own fabric.

Well, I guess we all see beauty and use in the things that interest us. My favourite quilt find is a very old quilt filled with raw cotton and made from bright orange fabric and feed sacks. I actually put a new border of vintage feed sacks on it to make it last just a little longer. I sit under it every day. Maybe I am blind, but I adore that old quilt.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, – things are changing.

It’s just 7.00 am and there are no small children’s voices at our house like there used to be. YET !

I wake on Christmas day and everything looks just a little nicer, the garden seems brighter, the house is lovely and there is the warm feeling of expectation that accompanies the name, ‘Christmas Day’. In one way it’s a celebration of all we have been given for the past year.

Conversations and Consternations

I’m going to add the conversations and consternations. I’m going to add to the stories, because in all honesty, there was always a lot more going on behind the words. Interesting things happened as a result of the blog. People commented, people contacted me and expanded on the subject I was talking about. I met the most fascinating people who need to be recognised as part of this journey.

On the fourth day of Christmas, Pam had a hiccup.

thought I would write on the blog tonight and let you know just what it is like to be a member of Pam’s entourage.

I knew before I left that I would have certain duties to perform while travelling with Pam. She’s a superstar you see – I know this is true because I read it in the April edition of the Readers Digest. It said that “Pam Holland is to quilting what Ian Thorpe is to swimming – a superstar with numerous international awards”.