Month: January 2015

Carrefour European Patchwork 2014, Marie-aur-Mines.

I had the most amazing time viewing the quilts, meeting people and teaching, however, my travel experiences tested me to the limit and left me rather scarred by the experience. It was difficult to add photos to my blog at that time, so I’ve decided to add them to this blog to share in this format.

So with that in mind I would like to share the work of the talented Inger Johanne Rasmussen.

Sockittome – Challenge, now for the quilt compostion.

The next step was to audition them on different backgrounds, however, I came to the decision that they look best on a plane color and I chose, turquoise Cherrywood fabric. I want to add the orange vintage knitting needles at the top and they would get lost on a patterned fabric.However, I discovered something when I placed them on the background. I hadn’t removed the tracing paper from the fusible so they were a little stiff and they threw a shadow on the fabric underneath.

Things are so different now. Craft is an art in its own box, and craft has been our Grandies normal thing to do when they visit. Some children take to it more than others and they surprise me with their knowledge and ability. I’m aware that I need to make more time for them and add to their experience.