Fires, fears and family.

There is not a breath of air outside. The leaves are still, there is not a  sound.  Where have the parrots and small birds that are always making a huge racket  at this time of the evening gone?

The air is heavy and we are overshadowed by a huge pall of smoke and dark thunderclouds.

It all happens so quickly and it there is  an air of disbelief. Has this day really happened?

So many people have suffered grief due to the huge bushfire on the outskirts of our city of Adelaide. Everyone has their radio tuned to the ABC, and it co-ordinates with the Television news.I just heard a man sobbing on the radio. He owned a dog and cat shelter, he lost everything, all the animals died and his business and house have gone. I just can’t imagine how you rebuild after that.

My  little battery radio tat kept us in touch with the fire warnings today.

The phone ran hot this morning, most of our children and their families live close by, some were evacuated others prepared for the worst. We sat around this little radio for a good part of the day.  So I kept on working, my friend who left her house, was here too, she hand quilted and worked on  the appliqué Castle on the Bayeux quilt.

The families inside the house coped with nervous children and a very loud 2-year-old….. what a day. Now we wait and see what the night brings.  !!!!! but I feel we are fine.

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  1. Sue Wood says:

    I hope so Pam, but I am so sorry for the Animal Shelter :)))

  2. Sue Wood says:

    Sorry, that should have been :(((

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    So relieved to hear you and the famiy are okay.

  4. Mary Kauffman says:

    Pam, our thoughts and prayers are with you! We in New Mexico are no strangers to the devastation of wild fires. Glad you have your family, your friends and your work to surround you and the Good Lord looking over you.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Yes Mary, thanks… natural disasters are often just a step ahead of us and we can predict them but never avoid them.

  5. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Keeping you and your family in y thoughts. Be safe, my friend.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Wendy, thanks. We really appreciate the thoughts.

  6. Sharon says:

    I’ve been praying for you and the others in your area. I hope it makes you all feel better to know that people on the other side of the globe are thinking of you and lifting you up in prayer. Be safe, be blessed!

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Sharon, thank you, it is amazing how small the world is, news travels fast these days but with the advent of Social Media we feel we have a connection all over the globe.

  7. Carolyn says:

    Hello Pam. I have just found your blog again today and I have been reconnecting with your work and your travels. You are always inspirational. I saw the news about the fires in Adelaide and I thought about you, so I decided to look for your blog to see if you were okay. I hope you and your family are safe. Best wishes. Carolyn.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Carolyn, thanks so much for your concern, We are out of immediate danger now, but the fires are still raging and unpredictable. We are going into another hot spell again tomorrow, so hopefully they can get them under control before then. This time we have been lucky.

  8. Hi Pam, I have been away from my PC. I am the same as Carolyn (above) Bruce and I thought about you and Keith immediately and hope you and your family are all safe.
    Love Ave

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thanks Averil. We appreciate your concern.

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