Capture and create.

I’ve had a full day in the studio today. The temperature was high and I worked on creating images, a little Bayeux, bookings, quilting, working on calendars, Visa renewals  and I’m pleased to say I got all  of it done.

Now I can justify a night by the telly, quilt, coffee in hand,  cheese and crackers and watching the series ‘missing’ its so nerve-wracking… but can’t stop watching it.


This time last year I was taking off for snow bound Chicago !!!!

1be3b-6a00d8341c901053ef0134817e7ef1970c-piIt was snowing, freezing cold and an interesting start to the year.

The drawing and quilt above came about after another trip to Chicago and it is  the way I captured the view from my hotel window.

The images below are the beginning of a new project, inspiration from my trip to Kenya.


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  1. eileenkny says:

    Have you checked the temps for Chicago today? I think it’s below zero! Love the giraffe; wish I could draw freehand like that.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Its taken from one of my photos I took in Kenya..

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