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Color, Texture and shape – challenge.

I take photos every day.

Photos of the mundane, photos of color, photos of the unusual. Each photo stimulates inspiration and anticipation.

I’m offering a challenge, I would like one person to choose one of these photos and I will design a quilt from it. I will share the technique and tactics as I go. I just clicked randomly from my photo album to choose the photos and I will choose the winner randomly too. Eek and some of these will be hard to do.

That’s why it’s a Challenge. !!!!!

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I travel the world teaching and talking. Photographing and writing, Sharing experiences What a way to go.


  1. Sheri Andresen says

    You have a great eye for color and design I really enjoy seeing your work. It’s very hard to choose one of these photos,they are all fabulous. My pick would be the firs yellow and orange flower. Hope to see you in Shipshewana this year.


  2. Ooh… So hard to choose! Socks :-). I’d love to see how your technique for interpreting the slight folds and the shadows. Gorgeous colour, too! Vikki 🙂


  3. eileenkny says

    Pam, I’d like to see a quilt made from the flags against the tiles. Hope you pick mine!!


  4. Jennifer Worrell says

    Gosh, Pam, what an amazing idea! I can’t wait
    to see what you eventually complete.
    Your photographs are all compelling; you obviously have a great talent for this.
    I love many of them but would love to see a quilt made of the hydrangea picture.


  5. Nicqui Willis says

    My vote is for the Socks! I really associate these colours with you Pam and I bet those socks have been around the world a few times!


  6. Marilyn Nance says

    I like the picture of the waves/ridges in the sand with mountains in the distance.


  7. Wendy in Kennewick says

    I like the photo with the aqua ball and wire? wraps. I would love to see how you capture reflected light and roundness of the ball.


  8. Rebecca Lilly Segura says

    Wow!! That definitely will be a challenge! Put me in your random list. Wish i had your time management discipline. 🙂


  9. Carolyn says

    Hello Pam. This is a tough choice as all the photos are wonderful. I will go with the fountain (I think that’s what it is) with the blue wall with plants cascading down.


  10. Suzanne says

    I choose the wall fountain. Maybe because it’s shows its age, has so many different textures going on, the bit of reflection of the pool? Just something about it.
    Which ever photo is chosen, your step by step process will be a treat for us all.


  11. Lyn McIntyre says

    Hi Pam, do the socks – a bit of humour, lots of colour and texture. Lyn McIntyre


  12. flossypatchedbritches says

    Hi Pam, difficult to choose ONE image – I find them all quite stimulating. I narrowed it down to just two (the chair on the blue floor & the rusty wire). And my winner is . . . . the chair, third from the left of your post. I wonder which picture will be the choice of others.


  13. The pile of fabric is upside down. The yellow is the horizon as the sun has just sunk below the edge. Below, the quiet green is the sand and the blue, the sea. A small surf on the close reef is shown by the lighter green, with the pale blue the foam of the breaking waves. The sky (above the yellow) gives the joy of the past day in the oranges with violet infinity beyond. LOVE YOUR STACK! Regards. Susan.


  14. Cheryl says

    Socks!!! Make a more fun background for more quirkiness/humor! Or mismatched socks like pre-teens & teens wear ☺️


  15. Tari Ristorcelli says

    I like the photo with the bowls. I think it will be interesting to see how to handle the interpretation of the curves vs the more linear lines we always see. Looking forward to the process no matter what is chosen. It will be great to learn from such a skilled and talented person/quilter…


  16. Linda Pyke says

    Well i see what your problem is! Just too many beautiful photos to choose from. I would have a hard time also. They are all so deserving. Draw one out of a pile wothout peeking.


  17. says

    Pam, I vote for the pic with the most shadows. After your Houston class I am working on an egret with a fish in his shadow. So, as you conquer the issue of shadow and color and texture in your challenge, I may figure out the details on my challenge (which includes dyeing cheesecloth, voile and cotton cord).


  18. I’m so enjoying the Sockittome challenge. Made me think of my sweater which I’ve been living in during January here in San Miguel. I’m trying to follow your process–having fun! Gracias! Carolyn Simsarian


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