sockitotme – challenge

I don’t have much time today to work on this, but I did a little preparation.

I looked at the history of socks, there’s some interesting history around socks, sometimes those  ideas give me a different perspective… but I wasn’t too enthused… I’m fighting a migraine so that’s probably why.

The first thing I do when designing, is to  get out the good old Moleskin sketch book.  

It was probably a good idea because I forgot I hadn’t finished the drawing above… I did it in  Abruzzo Italy.


The travel paints help  a little, I have good clear colors.


I experimented with the textures I would use, and how to draw the pattern. First I used pencil and then a little paint.


If I do it this way I will draw the socks on white fabric with black pigment ink and it will be sketchy, not perfectly drawn.


But I have another idea, this is just one… I just need to work on it.


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  1. Laura Tawney says:

    Love the fun houses at the top. It will be interesting to see the socks unfold:-)

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