Wow, what a response, I am absolutely delighted. As I  mentioned yesterday, I was experimenting with posting a gallery of photos and I decided I would look at color and texture.

When I looked at all of the photos I thought, “wow, each of these images would make a delightful  Quilt’ so on a whim, I offered the challenge.

The socks were the overall winner. but I have ideas for a few of the others.

As always with a quilt I begin by assembling ideas in my mind. If possible I put those ideas into images.


The socks came out of the drawer, the fabric I might use, the vintage knitting needles I’ve been collecting for years and  then I look at the shape of the socks as they are laying there.

I have to work on the Bayeux most of the day today, so I got to this early this morning.


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  1. Cindy turner says:

    Love the socks. Amazing colors. Thought you were going to say you had knitted all of them.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Oh no, I don’t knit these days.

  2. Sharon says:

    I voted for the man in yellow but now after seeing your even more spectacular photo of the socks AND your knitting needles I am happy to see the socks got the votes! You certainly have an eye for color! I read your blog as part of my morning tea ritual.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Sharon, thanks, yes, they will sure make an interesting challenge, but I do have some ideas.

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