So much inspiration, visit the Empty Spools Seminar.

The alarm on the cell phone rang at 3.30 am, and then a few seconds later the shrill of the phone by the bed encouraged me to get up. I’m not complaining, I slept well, but it’s probably the part of travel I like the least. I enlisted the help of the bell boy and…

Goodness me.

The class is filling fast (almost 3/4 full in 24 hours) thanks to everyone for sharing in this experience.

Geraldine the Giraffe comes to Adelaide

Hello, this is Roz (Pam’s Personal Assistant). I am letting you know that Pam will be teaching a second workshop this year in Adelaide! Oh my goodness, it will be such fun. The 2 day workshop is to be held at ‘The Barn’ situated in beautiful Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills on Wednesday 16th and…

Join us on a tour to Thailand

The Sockittome – challenge is completed.

So the Sockittome quilt is done. My 5th quilt since Christmas and I managed another 20 feet of the Bayeux so I’m rather pleased as I pack them all in my bag to travel.

Tomato lips.

I’m highly allergic to all fresh fruit and veggies, I have to eat everything cooked, but I love my own home grown tomatoes and in doing so this is what my lips look like each summer. No botox, none of that filler stuff. The green grass surrounds the veggie patch and I pick the tomatoes and lay them on the grass, hence this strange quilt.

I love the food, the people, the colors, the textures and the culture. Jim and I have been working on a tour to Thailand for a few years now, and trust me, this will be a tour with a difference.

Sockittome – the quilting- Capture and Create.

To be really honest, I had no idea how I was going to quilt the piece. By that I mean that turquoise. The socks are dimensional with shading by pencil following the shadow underneath the sock. Handling the piece has rubbed some of the pencil off, but I will re do it when the stitching is finished.