So to the Sockittome saga – challenge.

I mentioned in the last post that I was thinking of adding a 3 dimensional shadow under the socks after looking at a photo of the pieces sitting on the fabric before I ironed them down.

It was also suggested that I add the crease in the fabric. At first I thought, goodness I can’t do that, but I had finished one sock today and I really liked it and those words resonated…. “I wonder if I could do that”   So I did and I think it looks great.

I used prisma coloured pencils to get a soft effect. I’m quite pleased with it. The socks really do look dimensional and I really like the wrinkle.  What fun. It adds another dimension to the quilt


Friend Nola suggested that the knitting needles in the last post should be painting up… but when I knit, I knit with the needles down, an I practiced laying some knitting down and that’s the position I naturally laid them in.


I don’t have any wool so I have to go buy some tomorrow so I can add them to the quilt, however, I will sandwich it this afternoon.

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  1. Jennifer Worrell says:

    Just FABULOUS!!

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Love it!

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