Art and Anticipation

Its several days since I’ve written a blog. The days have flown and I’ve been busy with extra curricular activities. Birthdays, Grandies and the Sting and  Paul Simon Concert.

I did manage to work on the Bayeux each day over the weekend, but I did very little sewing of other things.

I’m about to visit Mexico, Korea and  Guatemala  and other amazing places and of course you are welcome to journey with me.  The planning is done, cameras packed and I must admit, I’m rather excited.

In the next few days I will add details of tours you can take with me to Thailand and Kenya where we will undertake a Masterclass.


You may wonder why I have a painting of Vincent van Gogh on the blog. In fact its my screen saver. I change it often, every two weeks or so. Simply because it means that I study his images in detail every time I look at the computer, (which is often) I’m fascinated by his application of color.  I also change the background on my computer to match the portrait.

The images below are some of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings that I will be sharing with students in my next class.

 Vincent van Gogh’s paintings.

I’ve also been studying the Art of Australian Artist Margaret Olley. If you haven’t seen her work,  take a look at her images on Google.

Margaret Hannah Olley AC (24 June 1923 – 26 July 2011) was an Australian painter. She was the subject of more than 90 solo exhibitions. Her work concentrated on still life. In 1997 a major retrospective of her work was organised by the Art Gallery of New South Wales. She received the inaugural Mosman Art Prize in 1947.

On 13 July 2006 she donated more works to the Art Gallery of New South Wales; her donations included more than 130 works worth $7 million. Olley died at her home in Paddington in July 2011, aged 88. She never married and had no children.

She herself was the subject for many paintings.

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  1. jbacon2013 says:

    Sounds like an amazing trip, so enjoy! Like you I have art as a screensaver, mine is Seurat, and I collect older women artists as role models – Margaret Olley, Gwyn Hansenn Pigott the ceramicist, Rosalie Gascoigne and their are others. May we all go on making art as long as possible

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    What are the tools used for?

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Mary Ellen, someone carved the lead into art. The photo is a metaphor.

  3. Rose Stevenson says:

    When are you going to Mexico? Are you still taking on new attendees? My mother & I are interested in attending.

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