Quilts are life journals. – Capture and Create.

The flight from home is long, but not unpleasant. I just look at it as a little  forced rest.

I do travel in business class, so it makes the toll on this 60+ body a little easier. Then again if  I wasn’t so fussy, I could use that money for other things. But I am fussy, I travel as part of my sharing experience and I need to arrive  mentally and physically in top form.

During the trip I worked for about 6  hours on my program that will be shown later in the week. I write a new one for each event. With that in mind, my computer has dozens of presentations stored in its memory. Each one takes about 30 hours to create.  The vision is beautiful the music synchronizes and the audience is transported to the place that I love the most.

This presentation, is about ‘Capture and Create’ and  not much family info, just pure quilting. Capture the image and create textile art from it.


The image above is part of that presentation.

It means so much more to the audience if they can see what you’re trying to put across.

This  was the quilt I made for an exhibition for the UN. It was rather emotional for me because I had a connection with each of the people I depicted on the quilt. Each person was part of my life experience. Each person suffered a degree of hunger. It was also emotional because 10 of our children were in similar situations in their lives before they came to live as part of our family.

Quilts are journals of our lives.

So as I undertake yet another journey, I will ‘Capture the images and Create Textile Art’ and I will share it as I go.

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  1. Lou Ann Schlichter says:

    I am very excited to meet you and enjoy your program at Asilomar, Pam.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      It will be a wonderful week I’m sure, see you there.

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