So much inspiration, visit the Empty Spools Seminar.

The alarm on the cell phone rang at 3.30 am, and then a few seconds later the shrill of the phone by the bed encouraged me to get up.

I’m not complaining, I slept well, but it’s probably the part of travel I like the least. I enlisted the help of the bell boy and he carried my luggage to the shuttle to go to the airport.

My flight was at 6.00 am to phoenix and I worked on the Bayeux book most of the way. I’m researching right now and I have the book, A needle in the right hand of God, the Norman Conquest of 1066 by Howard R, Bloch. I have the book on kindle and I can also read it on the iPad or the computer, but I also have it on my Iwatch in the spoken word. So with earphones in ears and iPad propped in front of me the environment of flight is dissolved into the background as I work.


After Phoenix I flew to Monterrey CA and then caught a taxi to Asilomar, the Empty Spools Seminar. I arrived just in time for lunch and caught up with friends immediately. I think there are about 250 ladies in this session. The view from the plane was delightful. (When I stopped to look) The hills looked as if they were covered in green velvet.

At Asilomar, I have a huge room with a window the full length of the room. Deers wander past and I was warned   to keep the screens on the windows because  the raccoons like to help themselves to your goodies.

I had dinner at a French restaurant  with Tutor friends it was so nice to visit again.


I was able to relax this morning and work on my program. Had to go into Pacific Grove to have some printing done.   Pacific Grove: is a picturesque seaside village that invites you to stroll it’s downtown streets past Victorian homes, quaint shops, bakeries, local artist galleries and gourmet restaurants.

(note to P.A. Roz) Its all ready.

So I take you on a short walk around this quaint town situated on the ocean.

My first stop was Tessuti Zoo. Oh my goodness, what a feast for the eyes. If you are ever in this part of the country, come visit.DSC03259 DSC03258





The colors take your breath away, I think I have to go back to buy some of their super socks considering the Sockittome quilt.

I visited ‘Back porch Fabrics’ Oh my goodness I think they have the best collection of fabrics and books that capture my excitement.     I don’t go into a lot of quilt shops, but I think I liked every fabric they had on display which has never happened to me before, I’m hard to please.

  DSC03290 DSC03291 DSC03296

They have a wonderful exhibition of Gwen Marstons  Its fabulous.

So walk with me in Pacific Grove.

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  1. love following your travels through the eye of your camera, Pam. I almost feel like I was there with you. (but dang it i’m not!)

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Sharyn, I’m glad you share my love of the camera and places.

  2. Nicqui Willis says:

    I’m off to Monterrey in May Pam so I’ll definitely pop to Pacific Grove now I’ve seen these pics.. Thanks so much for sharing

  3. Susan says:

    So enjoyed being a part of your class at Empty Spools. Thread painting, first experience at free motion quilting, wonderful instruction on apps to use to adapt photographs for “thread pictures”, and all of your delightful stories-so much to take in and I enjoyed every minute of it! You’re a marvelous teacher.

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