First day of spring parade in Patzcuaro Mexico.

Today is the first day of spring, so I share a photo journal of the children in the parade around the square. The ceremony is called Primavera, basically it means the first day of spring.

We wandered through the market first. Its a direct route to the square. I just love it, we visited with a few people, Dara speaks Spanish I just pretend. We asked about the herbs and their uses.

 DSC03652 DSC03654

DSC03700 DSC03699We heard a band and wandered out into the square to be greeted by thousands of people.  Lots of bands, and children in costume.Butterflies, lions, every costume you can imagine and Grandparents and relatives waved and smiled. Teachers tried to keep the little ones in line and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time. The sun shone and the morning was magical.

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