An update to the life of a Traveling Teacher.

These are not the things the average woman has to do when you are at home. Almost everything you do on the road is manipulated just a little differently. I’ve ended up eating tomato soup for breakfast on some occasions, I just don’t cope with the plastic yellow rings that come out of a box that are prepared as eggs in some hotels.

The life of a textile Artist on the road. The joys, the pitfalls and the passion.

First of all, you need to have served your time.

You need to have put in the hard yards, the hours of work perfecting your amazing techniques and to be honest, you should have produced some interesting patterns or a book that no one can be without or maybe you’ve even won a blue ribbon in major quilt show. The Church fair doesn’t count. (not that the church fair isn’t a legitimate competition, but you do need to have your quilt out there with the big stuff)

The internet is slow at the hotel, but here I sit in Starbucks eating breakfast and drinking double shot coffee, so hopefully I can blog tomorrow.

Amish country.

Originally posted on I am Pam Holland:
The day began early yesterday with a gathering at 8.30 and continued with a very important secret event for the main part of the day. By lunch time my luggage had still not arrived and I was beginning to panic a little. During lunch I excused myself and…

Capture and create – two special events in June.

Monday, June 22, 9 am – 4:30 pm I’m going to take you on a the bus ride of your life, grab your camera and see the world through my eyes and then I will share my ‘Capture and Create’ ideas. How do you make a quilt from the images.

Experience a scenic bus tour unlike any other with Pam Holland, visiting off-the-map sites and capturing the simple beauty the area offers. Enjoy the splendor of area backroads as you experience an Amish schoolhouse, shop house, hand-painted barn quilts, and so much more.

Observations and Exercises.

The Lady is called Catherine, she worked for two months and made this embroidery from 4 panels woven on the backstop loom. I visited the family and bought her delightful piece. Thats the beginning of the story, part of the tory behind the quilt. The end will be when I finish and share the quilt.

Oh, No.!!!!

The best laid plans can go astray, even with very experienced travelers like Mr Jim and I.
Bravely we decided to hire a car and drive ourselves in Guatemala instead of paying a guide who wanted an absolute fortune. Jim arrived earlier in the day than I and drove on his own to Antigua. Unable to access GPS, and with incorrect advice on the road rate the 1 hour trip extend to 4 hours. He arrived shattered, tired and less than relaxed.