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Capture the color.

Mexico, Oh Mexico.

3 weeks ago I came to Mexico to share my ideas and  quilting techniques to both Artists and Quilters alike. I have a history in Mexico going back 8 years now. I’m very lucky to have made so many wonderful friends here. I love everything, the art, the people, the designs, the food and of course the color.

face 3

The art of Sergio Bustamante.

Now its time to leave and I’m both sad but ready to move on.

I mentioned in a previous post that I was able to go the Artisan Market in Uruapan. I posted the images of the beautiful embroidered blouses.

Today I share with you images as we walked through the city and more of the art in the market.

The streets were narrow with tall pavements. I have to jump down to the road when I cross the road. The buildings are brightly colored and there seems to be little building regulation. However, that adds to the delight.



  1. Sharon Lee says

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, insights and photos regarding Mexico. I’ve never really been there even though we’re close being in Arizona. I must make a meaningful trip


  2. Everything you have posted regarding Mexico makes me wanting to go to visit this beautiful country again. I am so drawn to the vibrant colors in everything you have posted , the pictures are stunning. I am too a quilter and my quilts are colorful but don’t even get close to the hues in your pictures. Will you come to the Sttates and teach a class in the future, I am intrigued by your technique


    • Ursula…. it’s wonderful here, we need to do more quilters tours… we had one to San Miguel but people booked too late… maybe in 2017.


  3. Hey Pam did you buy the Sergio Bustamante? I would change some of the colors but I’d like the opportunity to buy the statue art. Hope you are having fun and doing well. ~Judy from the African trip Nov. 15


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