Its that Darn word ‘Quilter’

In the past when I was introduced, Pam Holland photographer, they understood that, and they could even understand that I was a fashion designer, but a quilter, that puts you into the scones and afternoon tea set at the church hall. You see the shutters come down over their eyes when you tell them you’re a quilter or a quilt teacher. Their reactions remind me of a crocodile with the second eyelid. Flip down it comes when you begin talking. Ha, but mention you’re an artist, or an author, or even an illustrator, the shutters come up. It’s just that darn word Quilting.

Share a couple of minutes with me in my studio.

I travel a lot and the studio is one of the places I display the things I bought in Africa, Haiti, Thailand, Mexico…. lots of other places. I see them every day and it makes working a sheer Joy.

Autumn in our ‘place’

The weekend seemed to fly by.
I had some medical issues to attend to, our weekly Saturday breakfast with friends and family and about an hour ago I realised that I was still in my PJ’s such was my concentration on tasks at hand!!!

photographic Journal of Art – Montemartre France

I’ve visited many times and I love wandering through the Place du Tertre, the artist-filled square atop Paris’s Montmartre. I can’t imagine attempting to draw with a thick Jacket on in coolish weather, or even having people watch me create. The artists are talented, but it speaks ‘tourist come buy me’

The Bayeux Discipline – my passion.

My discipline is that I’ve set myself the task to work for 10 hours a day on my Bayeux Project for seven days a week. Physically it’s demanding. Emotionally it’s exciting and to be really honest this quilt is completely different to the sample piece. Its 236 feet of sheer delight for me. Like many of you, I’m having a problem seeing the fine details so I have an appointment at the optician tomorrow.

Notebook reminders.

Every now and then I go through my notebooks in search of random writings and thoughts I’ve scribbled down here and there during the years.

Sharing my work – my ideas.

Now that I’m home I’m back working on the illustrations I did while traveling. I’ve been home a day now and I’m moving fast because I’m only home for a short time.

A visual story – dancing to your own beat.

The street was buzzing, the noise of buskers, conversation, and daughter was split by the harshness of rap music. A woman in her middle years, dressed in pink and sporting a Michael Jackson hat and hair style danced to her own beat, speakers on her belt broadcasting the sound.

Art in the street – the visual story.

Capturing the essence of things that happen in the street.

A street artist works silently amidst the hubbub of a busy street in Seoul Korea. Passers by are fascinated and stand silently watching the image appear on his paper.

This is a small visual story, the artist works on paper, I capture his image on camera and I share it with my friends who may never travel to this part of the world.