The Amish Buggy – Shipshewana

Kaye England and I were lucky enough to be able to take a trip in an Amish buggy with Mr Yoder. It was a rare experience and one I will never forget. He was a delightful man and he is so proud and matter of fact about his Amish life and Shipshewana.

The Shipshewana Quilt Festival.

I’ve just left Shipshewana and it’s certainly with a degree of sadness. Its left me with a desire to return and explore more.

We arrived at about 8.00 pm last Sunday. It was still light and as we made our way to the hotel, we passed a number of Amish buggies on the road. They hold a fascination for me. The stark black shape of the buggy as opposed to the beauty and fluidity of the horses trotting. The red sign on the back for safety is a design element and somehow I need to work it into a project.

Alice Isabella visits the quilt show.

The Quilt Show. Alice Isabella decided to walk to the quilt show. She tucked her big bag full of quilting ‘stuff’ under her arm and began the walk down the street. There were a lot of people walking in this direction and that. Their feet made loud noises on the pavement. She passed a big line of bright yellow taxis.

Alice Isabella, prepares to go to the quilt show.

Suddenly Alice Isabella got an attack of the tummy jumbles. She realised that she was very nervous about going to the quilt show by herself.
A group of people came in and sat down talking and laughing, so Miss Alice Isabella hid behind the pot plant….

Quilt Barns – of Old Mission Peninsula.

Its rather difficult to photograph the barns, some of them are a distance off the road and then of course there really isn’t anywhere to safely park the car. This barn was set on a hill of white spring daisies. I stopped by the mailboxes and walked to the road to get my shot. In the mean time, I was observed by a group of goats on the opposite side of the road, they ran up to the fence and gave me a ‘goat stare’ and an occasional bleat. I talked to them.

Capture and Create.

Repetition creates a pattern, which consequently and naturally grabs our attention at first and then creates the comfort of familiarity. I used the Andy Warhol theory and then of course Kaffe did one with bowls in each block.

“From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere!” Dr Seuss

When I was 26, Keith bought me a Lemair Helvetia that did button holes and it had a foot pedal… it even went backward and forwards and did a zig zag!!!! I just couldn’t believe it. I just kept touching it, I was the luckiest woman in the world and indeed I made buttonhole after buttonhole just because I could. Heaven, I was in Heaven, and a year later I got my yellow electric typewriter. It clacked away at an alarming speed but I never did much with it.