Gardens, and Musings.

“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment.   Own it”

This is for a special very person having a birthday today and needs a bit of TLC, however, grab it if you need it, its free.

Well, its been a bit of a whirlwind the past 24 hours. Yesterday I was up at 1.30am  for a 3.00am departure. When leaving the hotel, there was no one at reception… (I figured she was asleep in the chair) …so I coughed a lot, well a bit, and then went into the store to make the buzzer go off. Poor lady, she nearly had a heart attack thinking someone was in her store at 3.00 am. It was  so humid outside you could have a shower in it.  Then I spent half an hour discussing the merits of bacon with the taxi driver on the way to the airport. You never know what the day holds.

The image below was taken at dawn somewhere between  Dallas and Chicago and the color was magical


shower 2

I’ve just stepped out of the shower and it’s the place I do my best musing. First of all the tiles in shower are sage/mint green that was popular in the 60’s. Its like stepping back into another age. But its  quaint. I did however, buy a new pillow to sleep on and I tucked away the bedding other than the sheets and slept under my own quilt last night. Its not too bad, I don’t like those polyester quilt covers and blankets in hotels. I don’t know what sort of history it has. At least with a crisp white doona cover, you can tell if its pristine. I sure know my quilt is.

Its just interesting.

Secondly, I’ve been coming to Michigan for over 12 years but I took a sabbatical for the past 4 years. This is part of my growth, part of my history and I’ve made many wonderful friends here who lobbied for me to return.

How lucky am I. We  laughed and chatted all day, and I got to meet other lovely ladies, but we worked hard too, their projects are wonderful and I’m thrilled with their progress.

I’ve not had time to write the blog for a few days, so I backtrack a little. On Tuesday I was picked up by friend Sherry, who took me to the Arboretum in Dallas. It’s  absolutely beautiful. Each corner you turn brings forth a wonderful surprise. It was in the 100’s but we persisted in our exploration and it was well worth it.    I’m still laughing over the lady who grabbed me by the arm today and told me what a brave person I was to be wearing jewelry. “Your’e, not allowed to bring guns into the arboretum, thats why I leave mine home.” she said. (her jewelry I figured) It was so out of context and I didn’t want to make light of her concerns, but it is different.

Sherry, thank you for a fabulous day.

Right now its 9.00 pm and the sun is still high in the sky, but I need to catch up on sleep.

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  1. Jar Of Salt says:

    Thanks for this inspiring reminder 🙂

  2. Dolores says:

    I would melt in temperatures like that. Gorgeous photos.

  3. Pauline Adam says:

    Very talented lady producing incredible work. Was privileged to do a course with her at Stellenbosch, South Africa a few years ago – was it 2011? So much fun.

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