Vintage and Antique, quilts and textiles. – Capture and create.

Collecting textiles is my passion. However, I really can’t fit any thing more in my case and I have 2 more stops before I get to my home base.  Visiting an antique mall is more than that, I’m looking for colors and patterns and I just use my camera. This dress below is a 30’s dress. I love the free, and the combination of colors in the pattern.


This chair was charming. I love the color, the lace combination and the pattern on the chair.


Old books. I have a great collection, but this one was a bit pricey. The book on the bottom, very Debbie Mumm. Black and white check, the green, blue and red in combination.


I found 8 quilts, and several of them were in good condition. I find them fascinating. 2 were from Feed sacks.

Feed sacks bring to mind poverty of the Great Depression but at the same time there is a romance to the idea that women could make something beautiful from something so mundane.

There were also some very old quilts all made by hand. None of them made their way into my case this time.


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