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Take a tour with me in Shipshewana – Enjoy the spectacular quilts and the ambience.

Its taken me a week to be able to get the photos of Shipshewana up on the blog.

So here they are.  Kaye and I visited Rebecca Haarer Arts and Antiques. It’s a wonderful store, with so much to see. The heart beat a little faster. This is a stunningly beautiful Amish quilt. It was exciting to see it up close.

These were my purchases a summer quilt top made of over 1900 + suffolk puffs. It is made of 30’s fabrics and I love the way she has the colors in stripes. I  love old children’s books and this little Wee Willie book is added to the library.

These were some of the other things we found in Rebecca’s store.


  1. Wendy in Kennewick says

    I visited Shipshewana 30+ years ago before I started quilting and fell in love with all things Amish. The first quilt I made was a Trip Around the World done in vibrant solid Amish colors and hand quilted. Thanks for taking me back to that wonderful place!


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