Month: July 2015

Bikies, (or Bikers in the USA) Body odour and blessings. – a travel story of a Quilter.

Hah, I knew she would have to move, it was impossible for him to squeeze pass her like I did. So a dance of bodies occurred and the young man wedged himself between us. I almost reeled from his strong body odour and I thought “whoops this is going to be an interesting 4 hours” He was sweating profusely… and began chatting to me, I turned to look at him and I realised that he was terrified of the situation he was in.

Going Home.

I have a huge project to complete and I need to be incredibly disciplined. I can’t create another quilt for an entire year which is frustrating. I have so many ideas in my head and the sketch book but I just can’t allow myself the luxury.

Donkey Divas.

Originally posted on I am Pam Holland:
A busy day today, I was out in the studio early and finished a few minutes ago. Its time to watch TV, drink coffee and think.Working on Donkey Diva today, not sure if I’ve overdone it a bit. These images are taken directly from my photos of Donkeys in the town of Carrizozo, they will feature as classes at the Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts. Sometimes when I’m taking photos, I really have to put a lot of effort in to make them work…..Then again, I have days when everything works in my favor, light, environment, and the luxury of time.And so it was the day I visited  Carrizozo.Some 60 miles from Alamogordo New Mexico, the town of Carrizozo gained notoriety for its links to the notorious “Billy the Kid”Nestled next to the railroad, the town plays host to huge lumbering freight trains that signal their  arrival with the shrill wheels on metal and the distinguishable sound of the signal. The backdrop of huge mountain ranges rise…

Alice Isabella is Sprung from Jail – a true story for quilters.

The Batting Babes squealed with delight and the excitement of the moment.
They made a big circle around him with their arms outstretched. In their hands they held their rotary cutters with its sharp blade just ready to pop out at the flick of a plastic click…
Now this is a very dangerous thing to do.
Children don’t have a Rotary, Gotary, Lotary license…. so remember ….No touching the rotary cutter until you are at least 40 years old and you can earn your license….