The art of Quilting has contributed to helping a lot of children in our County.

I like to listen to music as I work and I like it loud.  ‘Slip sliding away, the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip sliding away.’ They are the words and lyrical music of Paul Simon its  great music  to write to.

These past few weeks, its been difficult to find the time to sit down and write and indeed even harder to get to publish it with uncertain internet connections, but as I sit here in my friends kitchen, drinking coffee, listening to this great music I have rare time to think of other things.


The sky behind me in the open window is crystal blue and the clouds that I love so much here in New Mexico look forever like white fairy floss tossed randomly across the void. Over the mountains they are dark and heavy with rain that promise to release, but it rarely happens. Reflecting in my computer screen I can see a small humming bird at the feeder.

I was talking with my buddy yesterday about that feeling of uncertainty that we all have at times no matter how confident you are as a person. I’ve  had just a few days off and   the guilt of Motherhood raises its head. I should be home with my babes rather than half way round the world. I should be working on the Bayeux. I should be home cooking, shopping, cleaning, washing  and working in my studio.

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On the other hand, here, far  from home this wonderful team are investing in other people’s lives, we’re cultivating relationships rather than looking at numbers and we’re making a difference in this Southern New Mexican city in our own way.

They are unique, our group of volunteers.

Its unique, that I sit working in a room in the bank and I get to visit with numerous people from the general manager, to the husband of one of our patrons. Then there’s the lady who came to her first class last year. She was in a wheelchair and I was pleased to see her walking tall today. Quilting has become her passion. Her husband built her a studio and she bought him a chevy  in gratitude. What more can I say except, I’d like to go for a ride. !!!

My schedule of radio interviews, talking to rotary, TV, etc are set.


Articles in the local newspapers have reached far and wide and we now have difficulty fitting in the people who want to vend at our event.


Its grown and I’m are so proud of it and our team. This year I’m  thrilled and honored that known tutor Sue Rasmussen has joined our team and has also volunteered her time to make this event a success.


So we begin our 6th annual Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts. The money raised this year will go to the DARE program.

I have a rather romantic take on life. The good times are carefully filtered through my bright rimmed glasses.

The bad, and the sad (and there have been many) are filed in boxes in my mind and are dealt with in their own time.

But whatever our circumstances I know that we can all make a difference in the lives of others by sharing our talents for kind rather than money.

The art of Quilting has contributed to helping a lot of children in our County. This year we want to do even more.

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