Alice Isabella is Sprung from Jail – a true story for quilters.

Alice Isabella escapes.
There was a great deal of consternation amongst the “Batting Babes” …. Just how were they going to spring Miss Alice Isabella out of jail….?
The formed a circle, their arms ‘entwined’. (That means they were sort of hugging each other).
Their heads bobbed….
There were lots of sighs….Siiiighhhhhhh and then again there were a few “Goodness Graciousnesses” and a couple of
“Oh heaven to Betsy’s”…..
Suddenly their heads nodded and they raised their little arms in the air….
In musical union they yelled….
“Batting babes forever”
They had their plan.
They were prepared.
They were ready for anything.
Three of the ladies joined together and carried a roll of soft warm and ‘flatural’ batting under their arms…
The other ladies followed quickly and silently, forming a single line, trying to avoid suspicion.
The lady in front put on a bright smirky smile and walked up to the Quilt Policeman who was sitting on his chair behind the desk examining a quilt for uneven stitches.
“Sir”, she said, “Can you help me, I have this roll of batting and I have a problem with the brown paper that goes around it. It’s stuck and I can’t get it undone. Can you use your Quilt Police Quick Unpick to open it for me”
The policeman glanced up over his glasses and put down the quilt.

Suddenly the ladies pounced and rolled him right up in the batting.


He was tucked up as snug as a bug in a rug as they spun him round and round at a fast pace.
His feet almost gave way.
The Batting Babes squealed with delight and the excitement of the moment.
They made a big circle around him with their arms outstretched. In their hands they held their rotary cutters with its sharp blade just ready to pop out at the flick of a plastic click…
Now this is a very dangerous thing to do.
Children don’t have a Rotary, Gotary, Lotary license…. so remember ….No touching the rotary cutter until you are at least 40 years old and you can earn your license….

40 years is very, very old….
Now we had better get back to the story…. its getting exciting.

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  1. Ida Copeland says:

    I’m enjoying your Anna Isabella Story!

  2. Ida Copeland says:

    Oops! Alice Isabella

  3. Sheri says:

    Haha! Loving this story!

  4. Edie Cornell-Smith says:

    I love your creativity.

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