Santa Fe Folk Art Market – A photographic Essay

This is my fourth visit to the Folk Art Market in Santa Fe. There are some amazing stories behind each piece of art produced and presented for us to buy or view. I share just a small amount with you today and more will follow over the next few days.

This years colors are  green and yellow to capture the sense of plenty and reflect the potent symbolism of the Tree of Life so prevalent in folk lore around the world.


The organisers state “When culture dies, a part of each of us die with it”


Silk from Uzbekistan. Abubakr Bekmuhamedov. Abubakr comes from a family of clothing artists, he uses traditional tools to create unique styles of Uzbek clothing, achieving bright colors and intricate patterns. His it dyed and handwoven fabrics often have and quilting and embroidered embelishments.

Vietnam, Ta May Ly. Ta May is an embroiderers making traditional textiles in dyed cloth. The choice and distribution of the designs is a manifestation of her talents and personality and identifies with her particular ethnic  group.

Meghuben Hand embroiderers, beautiful and colorful textiles for daily wear and home decoration  She uses a style passed on fro generations of women in her family. The labor-intensive process requires closely stitched patterns made up of geometrical. designs and elaborate motifs influenced by her surroundings. Quash represents 1,200 women embroiderers from 11 ethnic groups through Kutch.

DSC07478 DSC07477 DSC07476 DSC07474

Rattan wicker baskets, Crafts Kalimantan.

Ani, Herlina, Dinoh, Ida and Milo are among the indigenous Dayak weavers across Kalimantan whose  families benefits from Crafts Kalimantan CK through the sales of  their mats and baskets. The motifs in their pieces represent daily life, their environment and their aspirations.

I will continue the post when I have ore time.

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  1. rallenpa says:

    This was my first time to attend this market. It was absolutely wonderful. I was amazed at all the beautiful crafts from all over the world. I had the opportunity to attend the Friday night party where you could buy from the vendors. (Much of the outstanding merchandise sells during this evening). But, the best part was the fashion show where everyone attending had on their beautiful textiles. I am definitely going next year.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      We were only there for the day too, but we have decided to go longer next year.. I’ve been many times and love it evermore each year.

      1. rallenpa says:

        If you go Friday night there are absolutely no crowds. It was great. Saturday after 10:00 it got too crowded.

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