Procrastinating – The decision is made.


I needed to sit and write this afternoon.  I’ve had to make a huge decision today and sometimes just the act of writing or drawing takes me to a place where I can touch my childhood and all is well with the world.

When I was a child, my bed was placed under a window and the view when I looked out was often of the bright blue sky and a cream chimney on the neighbours roof. More often than not, there was a black bird on the chimney, and it was my own private scene. I loved it. I wrote and I  drew there under the window and my life book is entitled ‘flight of the blackbird’  Will I ever get to finish it…. I don’t know.


So tonight with relief, the writing continues and the blog post I had delayed due to time restraints can be written.

Its winter here in the Adelaide Hills and I don’t do winter very well. I’ve been home from the USA for a week and coped well, but the temperature has dropped considerably in the past few days and a new heater is now on order. The 4.00 am start  out here in the studio gets a little frosty even for the hardy. Fortunately the things I surround myself with in the studio add fun and sunlight to the grey day outside.

These are part of my folk art collection from my travels. All of these pieces are made from re-cycled tin.

My favourite is the caravan and van, (orange of course) made from tin cans in Africa. I actually bought it here in South Australia, but some of my pieces were bought in South Africa and Kenya.

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  1. Peggy Baker says:

    So enjoy your writings and stories. Your energy and talent is an inspiration to all. Safe travels.


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