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Just something special – making a quilt.

There’s something very basic about making a quilt.


Something therapeutic that relaxes the person during the artistic expression of creating.



Something exciting that carries you away to a place of pride and satisfaction.


There in your hands you have something that is of comfort that this small ritual has performed.


A Quilt.



  1. Studies have shown that when one is sewing, our brain releases dopamine an antidepressant which elicits an almost euphoric opium type effect. Your statements are so true!


  2. Michelle says

    i agree with you Pam, a quilt can transport you away into a world of enchantment that is soothing and very present for the mind and soul. I think it is the therapeutic and smooth movement of hands making something or is the mind allow to fall into a peaceful rhythm of its own that allows us to rest in this quiet sanctuary.


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