Where I live. Adelaide – a photographic journal.

I live in Adelaide, South Australia.

It’s a town of culture, cuisine and classical elegance.  We have a wonderful Arts Festival in March and April, but because of my work I miss it more than I get to participate.

This photo essay is my impression of the warmth, the artistic and the ambience and I think you can envision that  from these images.

I’ve not added the grand buildings, the avenues of trees, the spires of the cathedrals, just the stuff we are made of.

I just walked the streets, ate good food, sat in the park and listened to world renown authors read their works. It was a magical day and I captured it forever in images.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. life as sirli says:

    really cool photos 😀


  2. Sharon Lee says:

    Thanks for sharing Adelaide. Love it! If we ever get to Australia it will be on our itinerary.


  3. Carol Esch says:

    I may come to Australia next year……..

    Xxoo Miracles happen Carol



  4. Karin says:

    makes me homesick…especially for Mad March! thanks Pam 🙂


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