Color, just plain color. Bangkok flower and fabric market.

Our first visit to Bangkok was in 1976 when we adopted our son Joshua and we accidentally stayed in a brothel…. The Maya Guest house, yes, it turns out the hotel was a house of ill-repute. Oooh I could tell you some stories and I was very innocent in those days. Then again it was really, really interesting. So that memory is never far from our mind when we visit here.

Individual voice. – Capture and Create.

I always have a vision of the completed work before I begin to stitch, but it doesn’t always end up that way. This piece is a testament to that. I listen to my work, and react to the individual voice.

Passenger trains have passed through an incredibly busy market 8 times a day for almost 30 years…
Lily, our guide explained that the market is overflowing and there is no more room for vendors, so when some enterprising folk saw that the space by the train line was free, they gradually put their stalls right next to the line. As the train arrives, the produce is lifted or rolled back like a well coordinated race team the canopies are removed and the train passes through. Within a few minutes products are put back in place and the overhead canvas is unfurled, it’s an incredible sight. The train actually passes over the produce…. OK, I’m not going to buy any of it… but its the way it is….

The letters of a journey that changed my life.

5 days before we were due to leave for Houston we got a frantic message to say our son Matt and his beloved Karen had been terribly injured in a motorcycle accident just 5 minutes from our home. A car coming in the opposite direction lost control and mounted the median strip and charged straight into them. How can I say it……Our Karen died and Matty has many broken bones and will be convalescing for a long time. I decided to cancel my trip, but as you see I have come, I was literally pushed onto the plane by a determined husband and family members. Qantas took control and I have been looked after with compassion and a great deal of care. I’m numb. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The support from family and friends has been humbling. I thank you all.

Special people – the purple lady.

Her thick woolen skirt was hand sewn and the pocket sat askew on her knee. Her bright red slippers were held neatly with purple wool. I think she was quite pleased we stopped for a chat.
“I make my scarves really long” she states as her hands continue with her knitting. “I don’t loose them as much when they are long” !!! well I guess that makes sense.

I need to take elephant steps.

I have a ‘compartment’ kind of mind. A bit like a tidy sock drawer, and I have to fill it in order with everything in the right place.

The Four Seasons Embroidered Frieze

Originally posted on Kameleon:
This summer Kaffe Fassett’s exhibition “50 Years of Colour” has been on show at Hadeland Glassverk here in Norway. I finally got to see it during its last week, and it was indeed glorious. But I also got to see a lot more. Since we had travelled a long way for…

Photo journal of Sydney – Street Photography.

The next band was a little more sedate. They played rousing tunes to the beat of the band leaders waving baton The audience were entranced and some jumped up from their seats and joined in the revelry.