Color, just plain color. Bangkok flower and fabric market.

I’m sitting here in the most sumptuous office in our hotel. The internet went out this morning and so Keith and I have this darn big office to ourselves.

Let me also state that we have a darn big suite, it’s the one we stay in at this hotel each time we come to Bangkok and it looks over Bangkok and the River.

window view.

This is the shot from our room this morning as the sun rose. The air is misty, blue and tinged with orange for just a short time.

At night it is just beautiful.


Our first visit to Bangkok was in 1976 when we adopted our son Joshua and we accidentally stayed in a brothel…. The Maya Guest house, yes, it turns out the hotel was a house of ill-repute. Oooh I could tell you some stories and I was very innocent in those days.  Then again it was really, really interesting.  So that memory is never far from our mind when we visit here.

Today Keith and I visited the flower and fabric market in preparation for our tour arriving on Friday. They are in for a treat I can tell you. I’m going back there on Friday morning to buy them all a welcome treat.

Our hotel is on the river and they  have a shuttle to the Thaksin boat station diagonally across the river. The current is so strong the boat often has to go sideways. Then we catch the local river taxi. The boat almost flies into the dock, rocking and rolling, the engines emit a roar amid smoke and water spray and you jump on or off. It’s the orange boat and you pay about 75 cents for a return experience. When you get to the other end… you repeat the jumping feat. The noise and the spray. great fun.

The flower market is wonderful. You can buy a bunch of roses for $2.25 US so I’m going to buy lots for our room as well. Can you imagine!!!


If you are so inclined you could also buy bags of marigolds. Oh, the color just bursts through the light in the market.



There was color, color everywhere. I only took my small camera, but I will venture out with the big guns on Friday.

Then it was a short walk to the fabric Market. Oh, that was another color fusion. I bought Thai silk for a jacket for $48 Oh, and a pair of rather exclusive designer shoes that are to die for. They weren’t cheap.


But I have all this stored to share with our group.

I love the hustle and bustle, the smells, the sounds and the transport.




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  1. Janet Ford says:

    Eye candy everywhere you turn!! Amazing!

  2. Judy Evans says:

    Your photography is amazing Pam – I have just arrived home from Hong Kong where I visited Fabric Street and Flower Street among others but Bangkok beats it hands down. We visited there many years ago and loved it. Looking forward to meeting you in Peterborough next year in March

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