70 days on the road.

So here it is, finally the end of my tour. It seems such a long time since I left home with Keith late September. He has been home almost 3 weeks now and I will finally be able to sleep in  my own bed in 24 hours. What a privilege it has been to travel and share…

Faces of Guatemala

Walking down those cobblestone streets is a feat of dexterity. My problem is that I’m taking in all that I see and I forget to watch the road. I’ve had a couple of whoopsies so far. I just adore the faces of the people I’ve met. There is a humility and friendliness that I rarely…

Lake Atitlan memories.

I’ve had 5 days of village life. Would I like to live in that environment? I think in all honesty, I have to say No, not really, but it’s been a wonderful experience to immerse myself in village life day after day.

First day of filming – the master craftsmen of Guatemala.

We boated across the lake, it was a clear, warm day and the excitement mounted. Of course having a full film crew in a small village adds a buzz to the environment. Having a cast of ‘ordinary’ crafters is also unique and we were welcomed with lots of smiles and good humor from the local people.

Lake Atitlan Adventures – Guatemala.

I’m part (a very small part) of a program that features the crafts of various countries. The team seek out master craftsmen from countries around the world and shares their talent with the us all. I’m looking after the cast members and I’m featuring as a Master Craftsman in Antigua using a combination of indigenous art to crate the new.