Christmas Carols, Color and crafts.

It’s the 2nd  of December and I’m playing Christmas Carols. I just bought Celtic Woman Christmas and you know what its like when you buy a new CD, you play it over and over.

OK, I’ll be honest I play them all year. I play them in the car when BFF friend  Lisa and I are on our Thelma and Louise trips, in the plane while I’m working and in the studio very loudly just to remind the neighbours that I’m around. I don’t drink, so I think Christmas Carols give me the same high as a glass of good wine.

I’ve been home just a week and I make no bones about the fact that its been a bit of a struggle. Physically mainly, but almost 70 days of being responsible for a large number of people. Using my brain to the max and doing the very best I can takes its toll.

Now, we have a wedding in the garden in just two days and the preparations have been under way all week. Now I can enjoy the ambience,  prepare for Christmas and summer.

The weather is beginning to warm up and tomorrow it will be 0ver 90 degrees for the wedding. I’ve had four new outfits made, so I will just choose one on the day.

With so many children in our family, the garden embraces their fun. I think I went a bit over the top with an orange porch swing.
My hand woven hammock from Guatemala. 
A few of the chairs sitting in sentry line.

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