How do you match the colors for a quilt?

How do you select the colors for a realistic quilt? That could be thread or fabric.

Do you have a special technique?

Well, I’m going to do it again and give away a technique I discovered recently.

By a fluke, (or was it Karma) we found ourselves at the very place where my Uncle had painted the images. But my take on Low Head is very different. Some of the old buildings are still there 160 years later, as are the light houses.

To be honest, I didn’t really equate the two, Joshua Higgs paintings and the fact that we were at Low Head. It wasn’t until I went through my photos last night that I put the two together.

Photography – the Antique Barn.

Most of the people who look at this blog are textile artists or photographers. My Textile Artist friends, I was concentrating on capturing, light, color and Texture.

There’s no wind outside today.

Tuesday begins the journey of days and I switch from ‘my place’ to ‘I’m in that place’ and that means a great deal of preparation which begins today.