There’s no wind outside today.

Breakfast with siblings and friends each Saturday is a wonderful way to wind down from a busy week but it’s sadly the last one for many months.

Tuesday begins the journey of days and I switch from ‘my place’ to ‘I’m in that place’ and that means a great deal of preparation which begins today.

I’m so pleased you found enjoyment in  the apps I shared. There are  several more that I use, but I will add those another time.

My passion is art and to create ones own ‘art’ no matter how its done, is exciting.  I  find a great deal of inspiration from searching the art pages of pintrest.

The illustration below is one such  image. You know the more we are exposed to images and ideas the more they belong in our senses.

So there’s no wind outside today.

Nothing to distract me and the packing is underway.





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  1. Linda says:

    When I go to App Store there are two different Dreamscope apps , which one? Thanks

    Linda Teufel Sent from my iPad



    1. Pam Holland says:

      Linda, I can only find one. its just dreamscape and it has an image of two ladies on the picture.


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