I was born in Tasmania and even though I left to live in South Australia  when I was 10 years old I still call it home.

I have an Uncle and a number of cousins here and we had a reunion  dinner a few nights ago, it was a wonderful opportunity to revisit one’s childhood. The good memories and the sad.

This morning I visited the Queen Victoria Art Gallery. I’ve been there several times before to view the paintings of some of my relatives. They are not all on the wall, but I was ushered into the inner sanctum and one by one they were laid before me.

Today I found just one on display.

Joshua Higgs Junior. – Low Head, River Tamar.


I love the light.


By a fluke, (or was it Karma) we found ourselves at the very place where my Uncle had painted the images. But my take on Low Head is very different. Some of the old buildings are still there 160 years later, as are the light houses.

To be honest, I didn’t really equate the two, Joshua Higgs paintings and the fact that we were at Low Head.  It wasn’t until I went through my photos last night that I put the two together.


However, the light was different yesterday and this is how I see Low Head now. I’m sure if I went there at dusk it would glow pink.




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Curves and contrast.

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