The Quilters are rattling the rails.


At the moment, I’m sitting in my hotel room, air conditioner slowly humming, my bracelets rattling on the table as I type.

This morning, we drove the 250 kms here on dusty roads flanked by golden manicured paddocks that reflected the end of a hot summer season. The sky was blue, punctuated by old deserted houses with rusty roofs and flocks of black crows. The houses hold memories of happiness, struggles and families past.

We are now officially in Autumn but that season hasn’t hit this area yet. The temperature rose to 41 degrees,  but Keith, friend Vicki and I chatted all the way and we barely noticed the climb in temperature.

We headed for the town of Peterborough which originally had a large population dependant on the railways for income.
Now sadly Peterborough is little more than a whistle stop for The Indian Pacific as it journeys from Sydney to Perth.
The local people have not let their steam heritage pass the town by.
Maybe the old narrow gauge rail lines in and out of the town have been cannibalised to recycle the old rails and ballast, but the Railway workshops and Roundhouse still live on thanks to a very committer band of volunteers.

But we are here for a different reason. Tomorrow, 300 ladies will descend expectantly on the town hall to view, and listen to the stories of a few ‘speakers’ Many are traveling for 100’s of kilometres, and they are coming in by the bus loads to this small historic town.

I’ve not had much time to take photos yet, I was setting up my presentation for tomorrow. The excitement is mounting. The town is ready, the organisers nervous.

The town hall is grand  and embellished by plaster angels looking down in anticipation of tomorrow’s event.

How are they going to feed the 300?

Well this is farming country and we are going to have lamb roast. My favourite. I leave soon for foreign shores and I can assure you that lamb is very rarely on the menu.

I’ll give a presentation on my journey through Quilting. Beginning as a basic quilter to the “pinch me, I’m dreaming ” journey I’m on right now.

Tomorrow I will share the quaint buildings the blue sky, the charming participants and the  spirit of quilting in the outback here in Australia, but right now, I need to finish some work and try to sleep in my back full of stiches.



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  1. EileenMele says:

    Really enjoy your wide experiences!

  2. EileenMele says:

    This one is really special!

  3. I knew I should have booked in for the day, and used it as an excuse to visit family!

  4. judyevans2016 says:

    Pam shared an amazing insight into her journey through quilting – which of course is no longer traditional – if it ever was! The people who attend the Regional Round-up in Peterborough were extremely lucky Thanks Pam

  5. judyevans2016 says:

    A photo of this house is on the front cover of Midnight Oil’s “Diesel and Dust” Album. It was taken by photographer Ken Duncan. Somebody told me it is the most photographed ruin in Australia – not sure if that is correct or not

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Yep, I’ve photographed it many times… right now is not the best season and the lighting could have been better, but that was the time we went past it.

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