Journey to LA – How did I do it.

I flew across the pond today and I shouldn’t be tired, its all very civilized. The food is good, the bed is comfy, the pyjamas are my favorites and I worked on a project for 7 hours and drew for another 4.

But no matter how a good a traveler you are, it takes its toll.

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With my visa in the passport I was in and out of immigration within half an hour, and then I had the funniest trip to my hotel with cabby Jerry from Armenia. He’s going to take me to the airport on Saturday so I need to do a bit of research about Armenia so I can ask him more questions.

I don’t know , somehow I seem to attract interesting taxi drivers.

I have had a lot of interest on the image I added to face book today.

I thought I should share with you how I created it. In essence its a little bit like thread painting with a pencil.

The photo was one I found on the web and I’ve had it stored in the computer for a long time.   I also have Adobe sketch in my Ipad Pro.

I put the photo into Adobe sketch, very lightly, almost as if it was in a fog. Can you see the image behind the hands… thats what it looks like. In fact its lighter because I darkened this a little in my photo editing program. Actually you can barely see it but it gives me the outline.

Using my pencil for the Ipad pro, I chose a fine graphite effect. So when I’m drawing I can color lightly or just shade. So the shading  on the drawing is done that way. Its just as if I was sketching in my book, but I’m doing it on a screen. It takes a bit of getting used to… but I am enjoying it immensely.

I think its a lot like thread painting, learning how to do the shading in a different medium.



I’m going to do this one on the way to Nepal on Saturday.

In the mean time, I’m going to bed. I have to be up early for a conference call of serious stuff and a bit of work. Then I’m going to explore.




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  1. synelgg says:

    Pam, just wanted you to know how much I look forward to your posts, you are an inspiration. I really appreciate the explanations of how works are achieved. Thank you so much …enjoy your travels.
    From across the other pond !

  2. judyevans2016 says:

    Thanks for sharing Pam – I love those hands and the possible story behind how they came to be Judy

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