A day of being just plain busy.

It’s been a very productive day. I worked hard, long and at times tediously on my project. I have to make up for the time I’m on the road.

Lots of work done on the computer by Miss Roz, and me at the sewing machine, sprinkled with just a little conversation, chats with Grandies and friends.

“with creativity: If inspiration is allowed to unexpectedly enter you, it is also allowed to unexpectedly exit you.”  amen.

“I’m pretty stubborn about sticking with projects, so I prodded at the thing for several months, trying to make it work again, hoping to bring it back to life. But it was useless. Nothing was there. It was like poking a stick at a cast-off snakeskin: The more I messed with it, the faster it fell apart and turned to dust.”


Excerpt From: Elizabeth Gilbert. “Big Magic.”        Spools by S Lenz I was told,

And so it is.

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  1. Lois (No frames, purple eye pieces) says:

    I remember Libby Lehman saying that there are some quilts that are just not meant to be finished. She added “… and just don’t decide to give them to charity. They don’t want butt ugly quilts either.”

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