The Secret Lives of Princesses


Book Review :- The secret lives of Princesses.

The Author, is Phillippe Lechermeier and the Artist is Rebecca Dautremer. 

I’ve been rather tardy writing  the blog lately, but its all about to change, I’m leaving for  yet another adventure soon.

However today I want to share a book with you.

Its not a book you would probably buy for yourself, its a children’s’, book,   but its one of my favorites and I can highly recommend it to all of you who love a little of the incredulous.

It’s all about Princesses. The one on this page is called ‘A Confidante’

Let me explain.

I acquired the name of ‘Princess’ many years ago at a retreat in Toowoomba Queensland. The name followed me to the USA and in New Mexico I have the nick name of ‘Princess Pammie’ sometimes, just plain ‘Princess”

So here on this page is the Princes Confidante.

“A confidante, or closest friend, accompanies a princess at all times, 

                 She advises, corrects and consoles.

Soul Sister, kindred spirit, or BFF, she shares life’s most intense moments as well as the boring ones. She holds the Princesse’s hand when she is sad, stands by her side no matter what happens, and is her shoulder to lean on in case of a hard blow.

More than a simple companion, the confidante is 

              a locked safe that keeps all the princesses secrets.

There are many stories  of great friendship between a princess and her confidante. Some last only for a short time, like those of a Princess-for-a-day.


I adore the illustrations of Rebecca Dautremer.


The words of the Author flow through your mind like a  caressing breeze and remain in your memory in times of  “Now what do I do”




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  1. What a perfect book review! Me want. I might have to get two, for both my daughter and myself. The art looks lovely and the text seems to speak to your heart. The place where you know Truth. Thank you!

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Thank you for sharing. It looks like beautiful book and perfect gift for my “princess” great niece who will be visiting for several weeks next month. Safe travels on your next adventure!

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Its a stunning book and I just love the way its written and illustrated.

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