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The morning began with an alarm at 3.30 am. It was dark and mysterious outside, the rain was making streaks of color in the reflections of the house lights.

I have a routine, a history, a Tradition.

I sleep downstairs in my recliner …. (Just in case) I mean really that’s ridiculous, but it is the way it is. I’m not going to fight the norm.

The flight from Adelaide to Sydney is just an hour and a half and I have my trusty iPad to draw and write in. It such more efficient than the serious sketchbooks I used to carry.

I drink the first cup of coffee in the Qantas club. Not the ones they have prepared prior to my arrival and displayed on a tray in paper cups as you walk past. Make if fresh honey and please can I have it in a cup not a paper thing. The plane flight is just an hour and a half and I manage a little breakfast and a drawing of a rabbit, just because I could.


Then there is the connection in Sydney . I have to run  to catch the bus to go to the International terminal, and find a seat so I don’t roll down the aisles with my extensive luggage.

IMG_4878I finish writing out my immigration card balanced on my lap and then take the time to check out all the passengers and wonder where they are all going on this beautiful sunny day.

So here I am on on the plane preparing for the next 14 hours and trying to set out my ‘space’.

I wish the man behind me would stop coughing and maybe the kid in front of me will sleep most of the time.!!!!!

But in the mean time I will draw in the IPad, and work on a presentation.

FullSizeRender 12

And now 13 hours later with just another hour to go, the sun has turned the world pink and gold. I can now change the SIM card in my phone make me American and I’ve just completed 12060 kms. 4 documentaries, one movie and a few illustrations, a little writing and ‘work’ and I think I dropped off to sleep sitting watching the movie for a short time.

FullSizeRender 11

I arrive in the US around 7.30 and at 9.00 am I was in my hotel room dying to take a shower and jump into bed for a few hours. The hot water feels so good rolling down my shoulders.   However, I had a few appointments to organise and I had emails and messages telling me it needed to be done right then as a matter of urgency.  A TV interview for monday in Texas, and I have to organise my car and schedule to get there on time for make up.

I can pick up Sue Rassmusen and then we have a tour to attend as soon as we hit Alamogordo. Its going to be a hectic week.

These notes are taken from my travel pages in my personal diary.


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  1. Happy journey! Which program/app do you use as your sketchbook on the iPad? I must admit I quite like the feeling of paper and of drawing on paper, but while travelling an iPad is nifty. Only one pen, and multitudes of colours and effects. Do you use Paper?

    1. Pam Holland says:

      I love using paper and pen too, but I really love the iPad pro and what I can do with it. This one was done in paper 53.

  2. I feel a mixture of admiration and sheer wonder at your posts. How do you fo it? (You are not meant to answer that) Then there’s that lady on the bus…… adreniline added to the travelling. Well done you!!!!!!!!!

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Sally, thank you… yes, it was rather an interesting meeting.

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