These are my everyday things.

IMG_0334 2My home is comfort.

My  home is where I relax the most.

My Husband, our Grandies, the sound of the birds, the smell of eucalyptus in the air, my big comfy chair downstairs with its companion the quilt and my beloved studio and there is always vegemite on toast.

These are my everyday things.

But at times with my work I’ve  found myself out of my comfort zone. I drove through the French alps in a car with gears driving on the other side of the road and a lost GPS signal. I got kidnapped in Haiti with my husband, had a minor plane crash when the tyres blew on the plane on take off. We’ve walked through the slums of Bangkok, Sri Lanka, India and Africa.

And these things we just had to do.

You need to spend time in another country or in an environment that is foreign to you to grow. To know yourself, to actually like yourself  and to appreciate life.

I know its not always possible for everyone to travel , but then again, you could just go to the end of the road and see what’s through the gate.


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  1. How true my friend, traveling is one of the best ways to make us grow.. but how wonderful it is that you also love being at home 💛

  2. Francie Mewett says:

    I agree Pam as I love travelling but it is always very special to get back to home and our family. I have found that travel has given me many wonderful and memorable experiences and hope to continue doing this for many years. My travels become the inspirations for my art works. Keep up posting the wonderful photos so we can travel with you. xx

  3. Totally agree with this 🙂 going out of your comfort zone is key to challenge yourself. i do not know if i want to be kidnapped or have a plane crash though 😉

  4. beeseeker says:

    Sign me Up!
    wonderful attitude, for which many thanks.

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