The transition from Tutor to Mother.

To Create, to bring (something) into existence.

The dictionary states.
“he created a thirty-acre lake”      (what a strange thing to do)
Generate, produce, design, make, fabricate, fashion, manufacture, build.
Well, the will has been there, but I haven’t actually done much physical ‘creating’ over the past week.
This is as far as I’ve gone with my drawing of the Mexican man.
And to be honest I have  been working on some fabric illustrations and finishing some quilting that I can’t show you but they are darned exciting to me.

It’s that transition from Tutor, tour guide, friend to Mother. From living in an environment where there are the high expectations of your peers and students to the day-to-day  running of a house the responsibilities of wife, Mother and Grandmother.

I have to prepare myself for the transition and I feel like it’s going through this amazing door, one full of anticipation and expectation and there are two distinct sides. Once through the door you almost become another person.
I find it almost impossible to step back into the studio and be creative. I try really hard but it
I make no bones about the fact that its darn hard at times but I’ve been doing it at least four times a year for the past fifteen  years, it should get easier. This time I was hit hard by jet lag coming home and I figured that the fact that I spent four weeks at high elevation may have been the cause. I had extreme fatigue and my body ached.
It’s such a relief to sleep well and it does finally come after 5 or 6 days.
Just as well because last week we held a masterclass on thread painting for our local students and it was a great experience. My P.A. Miss Roz did all the organising, my daughter did the catering and the fatigue disappeared as the class took all of my energy.
In the time I’ve been home, we’ve been flooded downstairs and they’ve had to cut great holes in the carpet to get the smell out before they replace it. The bathroom was demolished and a fine layer of dust has settled on the entire house. New furniture arrived and the builder spent a day installing it and I had to empty two rooms of ‘stuff’ Gees Louise.
I’m preparing for a tour of India, Nepal, Dubai, USA, Caribbean and Guatemala. Keith will be with me some of the time and shares the tasks so that helps a little.
I hope to do some ‘live’ interviews and sessions as I travel next time… I just need a little more time.

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  1. gaylemaureen says:

    Oh, I hope your studio didn’t flood.

  2. Lou Ann Schlichter says:

    I’m feeling jet lag and I haven’t even left my house! You are remarkable, Pam

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